Pure Neemo body

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The Pure Neemo body, usually used as an alternate body for Blythe, has a childlike shape with little to no bust. The older bodies have little flexibility, with movements similar to Little Pullips (with the added ability to turn at the upper arms, wrists, upper thighs and torso). The newer "Flexation" bodies bend at the elbows, knees, and ankles, and also have interchangeable hands.

The New Pure Neemo Body
The Old Pure Neemo Body

How to put on Pullip

The neck peg will have to be cut to an appropriate size to fit into a Pullip's head under the eye mechanism. Like Obitsus, the Pure Neemo body will need rubber bands placed around the neck peg to fill out the existing gap. This will keep the head from falling off or flopping.

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